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You want the best car at the best price! Then, you want

"The Negotiator!"

My alias is "The Negotiator". I am a resident of The Villages and have been in the car business for over forty years. I worked as a sales person and general manager at highly successful dealerships that continually sold cars at a high volume. I know the ins and outs of the industry!

Recently, you may have seen an advertisement for "The Car Deal Negotiator" - a car buying service. The idea being, the best way to negotiate a car purchase is to have an industry "Insider" advocating for you!

The professional negotiator prepares in advance by evaluating your trade vehicle and its value. In addition, you are encouraged to determine the make and model of vehicle that meets your needs.

Finally, the negotiator accompanies you to the dealership. There are many factors, incentives, and variables to consider that determine the final price of your vehicle....

The negotiator is paid a modest fee of $200 only after the purchase has been transacted to your satisfaction. This fee seems nominal for the value of having an industry professional advocate for you.

Call me at (508) 881-4910 or email me at


Janet Schiff

After several days of looking around at various cars I was frazzled (to say the least)! As if driving back and forth to Leesburg was not enough, I was a female going in alone. I couldn't even get out of my car before 2 or 3 salesmen had me surrounded in the parking lots to see who was going to get the female sucker. After 3 days of this, a light went off in my very tired brain...who was that Negotiator guy I read about last year?? I searched all through my car folder and located Bill Palli's name and phone number. I called immediately and Bill's wife said she'd have Bill call me. When he called me back (very promptly) he explained how he works to help get you the very best deal on a car. I then went back to drive all three cars I was looking at, and finally made a decision. Mr. Palli had already evaluated my trade-in, so we then set up the day to do the deal. From the moment we entered the dealership, I knew I was in good hands. He already had a good relationship with the salesman who was working with me which only made the purchase that much smoother. I got a little lost in the numbers and car jargon, so I sat quietly and let Bill "do his magic". What an experience! This pro made it possible for me to get a much, much nicer car than I would ever have gotten on my own. This is the most awesome vehicle I have ever had, and I owe it all to Bill. I feel like a kid in a candy store every time I get into it. Thank you, thank you so very much for helping me with this stressful experience. Folks, he saved me over $2500! When you're in the market for a car you owe it to yourself to call this polished, professional pro to assist you. Bill, you rock!

Michael and Barbara

You know that feeling when you buy a new car, you love the car but you know you spent too much for it and/or were underpaid for your trade-in. Yesterday, for the first time ever we got the new car we wanted, paid the bare bones minimum and squeezed every nickel out of the trade. HOW RARE IS THAT?! I personally had very little to do with this except for the fact that I had the good fortune to meet Bill Palli. There was nothing for us to do but sit back and watch the "MAGIC" . After we had their very best and final offer, Bill stepped in and put nearly a $1,000.00 back into my pocket. Bill's professionalism and generosity turned a usually stressful process into a pretty fun day. If you are car shopping; do yourself a huge favor and let a real expert do the work and save you money. Bill, thank you so very much.

Wanda Richards, The Villages, FL

I'm a widow and I live in Mira Mesa. When it came time to purchase a car I called on Bill Palli. He was a friend of a friend of mine and he was formerly a general manager of a car dealership in Massachusetts.
Bill accompanied me to the Toyota dealership in Leesburg. He looked over the papers there and started striking out costs that he told the salesman we were not prepared to pay. Bill immediately had the respect of the salesman and the general manager. He closed the deal on a new Avalon for what I was previously going to pay for a pre-owned 2013 Toyota. He did a great job negotiating for me. He save me lots of money and I highly recommend him.

John LaFauci, The Villages, FL

I contacted Bill last winter when my wife and I were about to purchase a new automobile. Bill went to the dealer with us and did most of the negotiations for us with our total approval. We were very pleased with the results. Bill was able to get the salesman to cut the price of the automobile by thousands of dollars. When finally the general manager was called over, Bill also spoke with him. The sales staff knew that Bill was very well versed in the automobile terms such as "trunk money" and "dealer incentives." When the final sales price for the car was decided upon, Bill also was able to get the dealership to give us an extra $1700.00 for our trade in. Bill did all of this in a very professional manner and at no time, did we ever feel embarrassed that he was representing us. I would recommend Bill to anyone who is interested in purchasing an automobile and does not want to leave feeling that they have been overcharged or bullied into buying a car that they did not really want.

Richard Hume, The Villages, FL

Bill, here's a very appreciative "thank you" for great work across the desk from the Toyota salesman.
The prep work you did in connection with both the new car purchase and the trade-in was really evident when you came to the plate. You socked both out of the park. I saved money and avoided heartburn...a great combo.

Bob and Ruby Weinstein

The process of purchasing a new car in the past was overwhelming and extremely time consuming. Bill Palli, "The Negotiator", eliminated these concerns. His extensive knowledge and professional approach acquired from his many uears in the automobile industry was evident during his negotiations with the dealership for our new car. We were more than satisfied with the purchase of our automobile and would highly recommend Bill to anyone interested in the purchase of a vehicle.

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